Use VR to improve customer experiences

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December 23, 2020, 2:11 AM UTC

It can deliver satisfactory content experiences.

Brands must be ready to adapt their content strategies as the year ends to prepare for 2021. This article highlights content lessons and approaches from the COO magazine. Marketers must share experiences around human stories, and leverage storytelling to support the needs of a diverse audience.

Restructuring content teams as per their skills and strengths and resolving conflicting ideas can help brands nurture diversity and boost content creation. With consumers largely being indoors, their priorities have shifted. To accommodate for this change, brands need communication agility, targeting precision and buyer-focused persona.

On24 CEO, Mark Bornstein states brands and audiences can do well to execute virtual event experiences. Further, with cookie tracking being eliminated by tech companies like Google, marketers should be transparent about consumer consent and create content with contextual awareness.

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