Find consumers via Instagram’s new tool

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December 23, 2020, 4:39 AM GMT+0

Businesses can discover customers and widen their reach on Instagram with the new update.

Instagram’s new keyword search update can help marketers have their posts found even if any relevant hashtags haven’t been used. Brands can leverage the keyword search update to ensure their posts on the platform are found without using related hashtags and grow their account followers.

The keyword search update allows marketers to search for posts with keywords used by their customers within their captions. Marketers can leverage the new update to search for prospects and create conversations and build relationships on Instagram. Companies can also search for brand mentions on consumers’ posts.

Marketers can conduct competitor analysis by looking up keywords used by the competition with the keyword search tool. This enables them to craft personas of ideal consumers, gain insights on their pain points, and create relevant content.

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