Pop-culture, hospitality searches grew amid the pandemic: Google’s 2020 Global Search Volume report

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December 10, 2020, 8:59 AM UTC

The report could guide marketers through key trends and shifts to better understand consumers.

The most searched terms of the year are out on Google’s annual listing, reviewing the significant events that took place this year. Google has also updated its “Year in Review” mini-site, which features listings of the most searched actors, news events, games, TV shows, and more, providing more insights. “Coronavirus”, was the most searched term as per the Global Search Volume.

Google’s listings for movies, games and TV shows can provide marketers with some pop-culture insights in terms of search. Shows like “Tiger King”, “Big Brother Brasil”, “Money Heist”, “Cobra Kai” were the most searched TV programs. In terms of hospitality, recipe searches for “Dalgona coffee”, “Ekmek”, “Sourdough bread”, and “Pizza” were the most trending searches.

Marketers can easily scan through these broad trends by tapping options below the event, on Google’s “Year in Search Key events overview”. However, with these trends coming from the previous months, marketers must not consider them to be indicative of what’s coming ahead. However, analysing the various events and searches can help brands get a better assessment of what attracted people’s attention.

Other popular search terms that populated Google’s Global Search Volume were “Election results”, “Kobe Bryant” and “Zoom”. Zoom’s rise to prominence driven by the pandemic saw the company’s revenue increase nearly by four times in 2020, as per the article. Death of the US basketball star Kobe Bryant also made headlines around the world.

Google also released a video summary highlighting significant events that took place this year. Among the searches, two cricket related terms also made it to the top ten list, indicative of the digital transformation in India, a note for marketers.

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