Google My Business’s different models can augment local SEO for brands with no physical location

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December 10, 2020, 12:51 PM GMT+0

46% of searches have local intent, as per Google.

Brands with “nuanced, hidden or no physical locations” can promote businesses using local SEO to boost their chances of discovery and increase visits from local consumers. For an effective local SEO campaign, brands must identify their business model. These businesses could be anything from a service area business (SAB), a home-based business, virtual business or a hybrid business.

SAB businesses must have an in-person contact address listed on Google My Business (GMB), and the location of their cities, postal codes must be entered on GMB. Further, brands with multiple separately-staffed locations two hours apart from each other can have multiple listings on GMB. Create a unique landing page for each physical store to rank organically and leverage SAB’s multi-location GMB listings.

Just like any other brick-and-mortar store, SAB businesses should have strong internal linking structures on their websites, create customer-centric content, and build domain authority based on inbound links to boost local SEO efforts. Home-based businesses operating out of either consumer's homes, or their own homes or offer services virtually can list themselves accordingly on GMB and update all relevant details like operational hours etc.

While virtual business like ecommerce-only companies are unqualified for GMB listing, they can still publish organic content, improve page authority, and boost their organic rankings. Building organic authority, and publishing specific localised content relevant to their location can improve the visibility of virtual businesses.

However, those virtual businesses that do have a staffed headquarter can list their locations on GMB for their B2B partners. Analysing local market analytics with tools can offer virtual businesses a insight into their competitors, assess their authority, and identify winnable search phrases to optimise SEO.

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