Adopt sustainable packaging to appeal to socially-conscious consumers

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December 09, 2020, 12:37 PM GMT+0

Take cues from organisations like Nature Conservancy and Patagonia that are working towards reducing their carbon emissions.

Businesses that wish to be socially and environmentally conscious without alienating their loyal consumer base must look for scope of change within the existing business practices. Before making these changes, ensure that the issues a business chooses to stand for align with customers’ beliefs. The article shares that 75% of consumers will actively avoid brands that support issues that don’t match with their beliefs.

Companies can begin by analysing their packing supplies, as packaging is a major contributor to waste and most consumer complaints are about packaging. Identify materials to be recycled, use recyclable plastics for packaging and work with companies that provide recycling services and solutions to reduce packaging waste.

Evaluating a company’s carbon footprint can help implement solutions like solar-powered panels and run operations and production at a much reduced carbon footprint. Companies must ensure using non-toxic materials throughout the production process. Avoid using materials that are petroleum-based like paints, pesticides, and adhesives and replace them with alternative products that are non-toxic and environment friendly.

Drafting a green policy is unavoidable for organisations wanting to be socially-conscious. Finding energy-efficient solutions is imperative for a growing business to keep their energy costs down, especially as more energy is likely to be consumed with more employees being hired. Availing tax incentives on setting up solar panels and other photovoltaic devices can be beneficial for companies.

Creating genuine and authentic messages for marketing campaigns allows brands to effectively convey their commitment towards sustainability efforts and resonate with consumers. Such forward-thinking strategy lets companies attract new consumers and retain the existing ones. Environmental efforts are lucrative for investors as well and can help brands efficiently boost profits.

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