Using “hypophora” in marketing copies can help brands boost conversions

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December 02, 2020, 2:24 PM GMT+0

Hypophora is a rhetorical device used by writers to raise a question and then immediately answer it.

Marketers can use hypophora in their copies to gently remind audiences about their pain points and then point branded solutions towards it. They should use an inclusive language and maintain an empathetic tone throughout the copy. Marketers should also keep in mind diverse audience needs and write promotional copies accordingly.

Using concise and powerful action verbs can help brands give purpose and direction to their audiences. They should use clear CTAs to push conversions further. While using action verbs and placing CTAs, marketers should consider their audiences’ point of view and their motivational factors.

Companies should also make sure their copies sound authentic. To enhance the credibility of their copies, marketers can add social proof like reviews and customer testimonials in their marketing copies.

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