Team up with gaming streamers to create an activation plan and drive views on ad segments

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December 02, 2020, 2:08 AM GMT+0

Supporting the streamers and appreciating the viewers can help brands build deeper relationships with the gaming community.

As the community of gaming streamers grows, advertisers must leverage this untapped market to reach the younger audiences. To connect with streamers, the Gen Z audience, cut through the irrelevant noise and be honest about a product and its value.

Creating an activation plan collaboratively and trusting the streamers can help brands increase views on their ad segments. Being flexible to change is recommended as trends in the gaming world are constantly changing.

Avoid using the “for gamers” stickers, as these could be misunderstood as a product attribute by streamers and backfire. With trends like ecommerce streaming, micro-streamers and virtual streaming populating the gaming world, brands could do well to incorporate these into their marketing strategies.

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