Repurpose blogposts into infographics, ebooks and videos to drive traffic and sales

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December 02, 2020, 1:05 AM GMT+0

Writing a new series of articles from existing content pieces can help brands repurpose blogposts.

Repurposing high-quality blog content enables brands to increase traffic, enhance conversions, and improve ROI. To repurpose blogposts containing statistics, facts and information, brands must reuse the content to create infographics and link them with other sites to optimise SEO and website traffic.

Marketers can use all the content from their blogs and compile it into an ebook, to serve as a resource for consumers and to generate leads. Posting snippets of content from blogs onto social media sites also helps in repurposing content and steers audiences towards relevant articles.

Creating videos or podcasts out of blogposts allows brands to efficiently explain their concepts, strengthen audience relationships and attract prospects. Syndicating high-quality blog articles on sites like Quora can grow brand awareness and boost SEO.

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