Creating and maintaining relevant FAQs can help businesses reduce customer churn

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December 01, 2020, 2:34 PM GMT+0

82% of customers churn is caused by poor customer service, according to a Zendesk report.

Absence of proper onboarding is one of the main reasons why customers abandon a brand. Poor onboarding gives rise to confusion among users, does not answer consumer queries and ultimately increases customer churn. As consumers need support while dealing with a new product or service, creating an easy-to-read manual along with a section with answers to frequently asked questions can help reduce customer churn.

Businesses should make sure their FAQs deal with emerging issues, and the content is regularly updated. To further enhance customer retention, companies can create and encourage yearly subscriptions with significant discount offers.

Collecting customer feedback can help companies find out why customers are leaving their organisation. These insights should then applied for to improve operations and products/services to reduce customer churn.

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