Marketers can create educational TikToks to expand their reach

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November 27, 2020, 4:50 PM GMT+0

TikTok’s algorithm increases the chances of a brand being displayed to new audiences.

Businesses should consider TikTok as an essential part of their marketing strategy to improve brand visibility and reach new audiences. Unlike other platforms, TikTik not only allows “copycat content”, but it is also one of the most popular content formats on the forum. Apart from copycat content, marketers can also create educational videos, business content and live streams to engage audiences.

Instead of creating long educational videos on TikTok, businesses should create multiple short clips and begin by highlighting the topic to evoke curiosity among audiences. In the second clip, companies can share their advice and then follow up in the third.

Marketers should post at least three videos a day to reach prospects effectively. Limiting TikTok videos between seven and 15 seconds can help brands keep audiences invested.

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