Incorporate emotions into Instagram posts and videos to connect with followers amid COVID-19

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November 27, 2020, 1:50 AM GMT+0

Creating Instagram live videos can enhance influencer outreach programs and build authority.

This piece suggests organic Instagram marketing strategies brands can use amid the pandemic to grow their businesses and boost engagement on the platform. Marketers must be creative with their posts and upload content consistently to gain visibility and widen reach on Instagram.

Crafting powerful stories driven with emotions for Instagram posts can help marketers connect with prospects on a human level. Ensure the post content is well-written, authentic and engaging to attract new visitors and drive engagement rates.

With Instagram offering options to post videos in the short format, long format and live format, brands must leverage videos on the platform to convey stories and engage consumers. Showing audiences behind-the-scenes activity via Stories can help marketers authentically connect with followers and increase interactions.

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