Effectively using keywords can boost app visibility

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November 27, 2020, 5:24 PM GMT+0

Optimising apps for popular app stores can help brands increase app conversions.

Before optimising apps, marketers need to understand the unique factors that influence rankings on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store, respectively. In both the app stores, keywords, as well as ratings and reviews, play a crucial role in search rankings.

Businesses should conduct keyword research and use the main keywords, in the app title and description, which matches with the user’s search intent. While carefully using keywords in the title, marketers should also ensure their app’s title is memorable and engaging.

Marketers should keep in mind Apple App Store allows only 30 characters in the title, while Google allows 50 characters. They should also highlight the app’s USP in the description within 4000 characters to boost app downloads. Using gamification can further help brands to encourage more customer rating and reviews.

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