Tracking impression share can help brands quickly improve ad performance

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November 26, 2020, 5:26 PM GMT+0

Impression share is an ad metric that tells how well an ad is performing as opposed to its total potential audience.

Businesses need to regularly monitor impression share to maximise their marketing efforts and profits. Increasing the value of impression share can further help brands enhance search rankings as well as drive engagement.

This metric can help marketers have an exact representation of how well an ad is performing and how they can improve it over time. When compared with other metrics, impression share helps identify the shortcomings of an ad, enabling advertisers to fix the errors quickly and make it more engaging.

There are various types of ad impression share, including search impression share, display impression share, and search lost impression share, among others. Dividing the number of impressions received by the total number of impressions available can help marketers calculate the impression share.

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