Snapchat Spotlights’ lack of public profile feature can keep influencers away

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November 26, 2020, 1:04 PM GMT+0

The new feature does not offer the “star-making setup” like public follower counts and comments unless it is a verified profile.

In Snapchat’s TikTok-like platform launched earlier this week, users can submit their videos to Spotlight for content moderation. Once moderated according to the platform’s content standards, the videos would appear on Spotlight, and the most successful ones would be eligible for $1 million a day, which the company is offering to content creators until the end of 2020.

This content moderation system would ensure quality content on the platform, and the prize money would act as a motivational factor. But, influencers do not post videos just because of temporary monetary gains.

The Influencer Marketing Factory’s CEO Alessandro Bogliari said people post videos to do personal branding and “to become a phenomenon online”. He further wonders what will happen when the funds run out.

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