Offer personalised and safe buying experiences to accommodate new consumer behaviours post COVID-19

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November 26, 2020, 1:25 AM UTC

Rapid growth of digitally-enabled commerce will lead to some permanent changes in consumer behaviour.

With COVID-19 impacting consumers’ daily habits, offers and experiences earlier perceived to be relevant may no longer be relevant. The pandemic has accelerated the demand for relevance among consumers, resulting in higher expectations from brands across industries.

For retailers to build long-term loyalty, identify and prioritise consumers’ needs and implement safety and social distancing measures in their stores. Communicating safety measures and reassuring consumers, while offering personalised experiences aligned with the new changes can help brands effectively engage them.

Selchau-Hansen, CEO of states with consumers now more conscious about safety, their earlier buying patterns and personas have been eroded. Companies must tailor communication and experiences to each consumers’ inclination to engage and serve them with relevant messages.

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