Create hyperlocal campaigns using local content to enhance search ranking and drive conversions

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November 26, 2020, 1:41 AM GMT+0

Deploy out-of-home ads to attract prospects through hyperlocal marketing campaigns.

This piece suggests hyperlocal marketing strategies brands could implement to reach consumers in their vicinity and target purchase-ready customers. Creating hyperlocal ads and strategically placing them can help increase footfall and drive awareness in specific locations.

Craft hyperlocal content, use location in URLs and create location-specific metadata to optimise mobile SEO and drive local search ranking. Brands must use location-based keywords in marketing campaigns and create hyperlocal ads featuring local content to build loyalty.

To create hyperlocal marketing campaigns, brands must ensure their business is listed and optimised for relevance, proximity and prominence on the Google My Business page. Pitching a unique value proposition in ads and targeting local events can further help businesses attract new prospects and enhance hyperlocal marketing campaigns.

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