Collaborating with malls can help brands offer seamless offline and online consumer experiences

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November 26, 2020, 1:02 AM GMT+0

Establishing brand-real estate partnerships can help retailers create growth and awareness opportunities across channels.

As retailers leverage new tools and services to offer unified commerce, consumers are adopting online shopping at a rapid pace. The article states, brands looking to grow holistically and bridge the gap between digital and offline engagements should leverage malls.

Teaming up with malls to integrate offline and online channels with experiential customer-facing technologies can help track and assess contextualised attributions. Amid COVID-19, malls can serve  as a point of fulfilment, an attribution tracking channel and support cross-border sales.

Investing in shopping centres with community aspects can help brands maintain foot traffic at retail stores and serve them as a marketing platform. Brands must ensure the logistical planning, physical aspects of the store and multiple serving capabilities are optimised for unified commerce.

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