Consumer surveys can help brands collect insights post-COVID-19 and boost business performance

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November 25, 2020, 1:36 AM GMT+0

Communicating with consumers based on the channels they use can help marketers reach them post-COVID-19.

This article suggests marketing strategies brands could adopt to strengthen their “business fitness” in the post-COVID-19 world. With the world projected to be fragile and sensitive after the pandemic, businesses must develop empathetic marketing campaigns to addresses people’s struggles, offer solutions and insights.

Conducting research and surveys could help brands gather insights about their buyers’ personas, recognise concerns, and engage their customers. The piece quotes Gartner’s Frances Russell who states that marketers who used surveys to measure COVID-19’s impact received actionable responses.

Brands must also revaluate their marketing channels because mediums earlier conceived to be “hot” like, email marketing, were riddled with scams at the pandemic’s peak. Use SMS to communicate with consumers, as the channel has a higher engagement rate than email marketing.

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