Writing brief and interesting webpage content in “F”-shaped pattern can lower bounce rate

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November 24, 2020, 1:18 AM GMT+0

Creating appropriate non-intrusive pop-ups like exit-intent pop-ups or CTAs can decrease churn rates.

This article suggests strategies brands could implement to decrease bounce rates on their online stores and retain visitors. With consumers spending 15 seconds on average on a homepage, brands must optimise their above-the-fold content with enticing and informative headlines, sub-headers CTAs and more.

Crafting concise and scannable webpages with highlighted content in an “F”-shape pattern and creating lists and pointers can help marketers reduce bounce rates. Include high-quality optimised images and upload video content on the top to engage with visitors and retain them.

Developing quizzes and interactive content like polls allows marketers to engage and entertain visitors while boosting their site’s traffic. Targeting contextually relevant keywords can help brands optimise their content for SEO and boost high-quality traffic.

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