Leveraging PR strategies can help small businesses position themselves as industry experts

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November 24, 2020, 2:14 PM GMT+0

But, marketers should add creativity and personalisation in their PR pitches to effectively target their prospects.

Small businesses should use their website to publish interesting and helpful content pieces to establish thought leadership. Conducting audience research can help marketers identify topics that interest their prospects and find keywords that their target audiences use to find answers online. Simply researching online can help businesses identify the most relevant keywords in their niche.

Companies should follow the top influencers in their industry to join trending industry conversations. They should also develop relationships with top journalists in their niche to improve the chances of being placed in renowned publications.

These strategies can not only help improve brand visibility but also help companies position themselves as industry experts. But, before finalising a PR strategy, organisations need to define their brand personality and branding elements.

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