Latest IPA report predicts five agency-brand partnership models for the 2020s

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November 24, 2020, 2:05 PM GMT+0

The pandemic is expected to amplify the polarisation of demand across brands and agencies.

Despite “polarised” industry views, IPA has predicted five models defining how brands and advertising agencies could work together in the next decade. In the titan model, a brand works with one single external body for all marketing services including strategy development and execution.

In the engineer model, one external body develops the overall strategy, while a multitude of agencies execute advertising operations. IPA has also predicted other models like the coalition model, hybrid model and in-house model.

The report stated the titan and engineer model would likely result in long-term brand-agency relationships and measurement KPIs that are closely linked to joint business-growth metrics. In contrast, in-house or hybrid models would likely result in weaker KPIs linked to traditional areas of measurement like engagement for short-term campaigns.

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