Empowering employees with training and resources can help brands improve customer service

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November 20, 2020, 4:42 PM GMT+0

Forbes estimates that poor customer service causes over $75 billion a year in lost profits.

Before training employees, businesses should decide what good customer service means to their brand. Companies should develop their customer service vision in terms of standards, strategies and goals.

After finalising customer service objectives, organisations can empower their employees to solve customer problems creatively without consulting a leader or manual. Businesses should consider conducting on-site training workshops by customer service experts. Companies should customise these workshops according to the specific needs of their customer service agents.

Businesses should set a portion of their budget to address employee-training needs and establish an ongoing employee education program. They should further equip employees with the best customer service apps with built-in live chat features and chatbots to help them address customer queries efficiently.

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