Marketers must caption their social media video content to boost audience reach

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November 19, 2020, 5:58 PM GMT+0

According to an Instapage study, adding captions to branded Facebook videos can increase call-to-action clicks by 25%.

With more than 37.5 million Americans reporting hearing-related disabilities, brands must add captions to their videos to make their content accessible to this large audience base. Adding captions to videos can further help brands convey their message to audiences, without forcing them to turn on the sound.

Without captions, brands can miss out on a huge opportunity to boost their reach as around 85% of Facebook videos are played on mute. Simply adding captions to branded videos can help increase clicks, overall view time and view longevity.

Search engines like Google crawl through video captions or transcripts and rank the video based on the keywords used. Brands must add captions, with keywords, to video to improve SEO efforts and enhance search rankings.

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