Using SKAdNetwork and other in-app ad IDs can help advertisers prepare for post-IDFA regime

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November 12, 2020, 1:45 PM GMT+0

Testing other ad IDs and approaches can help brands tackle the IDFA opt-out option.

As Apple decides to provide the opt-out option for IDFA tracking, advertisers reliant on in-app ads would need to develop new acquisition and retargeting strategies. Advertisers could lose the ability to target audience segments and existing user IDs will become unviable if users opt-out of IDFA.

Apple suggests advertisers use the SKAdNetwork API to receive data conversions in the users’ group. It can help advertisers know if their campaigns contributed to any app installations or other “post-back” events. However, SKADNetwork has limited capabilities in terms of functionality and can track only 100 campaigns.

Brands can also use unique in-app IDs to segment audiences but could face challenges in scaling. The author contends that advertisers should leverage other ad IDs or SKAdNetwork to prepare for the future.

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