Competition calls for a swift EU antitrust action against Google for preferential placements

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November 12, 2020, 2:37 PM GMT+0

Google's OneBox feature outlines information and images near the top of the search results.

In a letter to the EU, a group of 165 UK and US companies and industry bodies have called on for an antitrust action against Google to stop preferential placements. The group alleges that Google's OneBox feature keeps users artificially within its services.

However, Google denied any such allegations and asserts that services of its competition are "one-click away from the internet". A new EU rule, "Digital Markets Acts" is being created to prevent dominant online platforms from favouring their own services.

The European Commission has previously imposed fines up to 8.25 billion against Google, for preferring its shopping comparison service, android mobile operating system, and advertising business. The commission announced a draft law on December 2 but is yet to be reviewed by the EU countries.

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