YouTube’s recommendation algorithm driven by viewers’ preferences

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November 10, 2020, 11:05 AM GMT+0

Inactive subscribers don’t impact recommendations picked by YouTube’s algorithm.

In a recent Q&A video, YouTube revealed the various factors that impact its recommendation algorithm. At any given time, YouTube’s algorithm only cares about people’s response to an individual video, and this doesn’t impact the performance of other videos on the channel.

Fluctuating views and other metrics are common so the algorithm doesn’t base its entire decision on this alone. Channels can upload any number of videos per day, and this doesn’t affect the number of videos recommended. Videos will be recommended, as long as viewers continue to watch them. However, YouTube limits notifications to three per channel in 24 hours.

External traffic influences the algorithm, as does video performance and engagement. Further, the average view duration for a video could drop significantly from external views, but this doesn’t impact the video’s long-term success.

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