Livestreaming commerce makes a debut in European countries

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November 10, 2020, 5:46 PM GMT+0

It is a live video hosted by an influencer who demonstrates and sell products.

Livestreaming commerce is a $60 billion-plus business in Asia, and Chinese ecommerce CEOs describe it as the future of online sales. It is a mobile, social and low-friction shopping channel where users watching a livestream can easily click and buy the products demonstrated in the video.

Though livestreaming commerce in Europe will take time to compete with the sales levels of China, it is already making enough progress in continental regions. French retailer Auchan’s electronics private label brand Qilive’s pilot livestream via AliExpress drew 18,000 viewers and modest sales.

Even established brands like H&M and Sephora are experimenting with livestreaming commerce in Europe. Continental consumers are expected to take to the trend as they seek innovative shopping experiences to fill the void created by the lockdowns.

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