Marketers should include a number in their infographic content title

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November 09, 2020, 1:37 PM GMT+0

Headlines with a number get around 36% more clicks than headlines without numbers.

Instead of creating a standard blog post, businesses should create easily shareable infographic posts as they are more likely to be shared. Marketers should make sure their headline has a number to get higher click-through rates.

Marketers also should try to include an odd number, whenever possible, because odd numbers have a 20% better click rate than even numbers. Having a powerful headline can help marketers anchor readers till the end. But, they should also include an eye-catching header image, which is easy to see and read.

Including quotes, data and statistics in the infographic can help boost the credibility of the content. Along with ensuring the infographic has an easy to read typography, easy to scan format, businesses should also make sure their content is optimised for fast online loading.

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