Craft relevant, unique and quality content to earn backlinks at scale and improve SEO

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November 09, 2020, 1:00 AM GMT+0

Develop a mobile-friendly and safe-browsing on-page experience to optimise for Core Web Vitals.

This piece highlights SEO techniques brands could use to enhance their website’s performance and increase organic traffic. Conducting a keyword gap analysis can help brands gain insights on keywords their competitors rank for, optimise current content, and plan content strategy.

Creating quality, relevant, and unique content like research studies and turning brand mentions into links can earn authority backlinks from other sites and boost search ranking. Evaluate competitor’s top-performing pages to understand content/keyword gap and link gap to optimise existing pages.

Develop content that demonstrates expertise or talks about new trends, adjust images and implement internal linking to improve rankings. Optimise organic CTR by PPC testing title tags and meta descriptions and analyse SERP features to optimise for “People Also Ask” on Google.

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