Measure ad impressions and frequency at a household level to track CTV campaigns

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November 05, 2020, 11:17 AM GMT+0

Having a broad household view helps advertisers identify overlaps in inventory obtained through publishers or exchanges.

This article notes, while CTV is growing and can extend reach for linear TV, it still cannot measure reach. Marketers would need to use a consistent set of translatable metrics to reduce the time required for gathering knowledge, and confidence to execute successful CTV campaigns.   

Understanding CTV’s ability to scale by calculating unique households reached, helps marketers add diversity and scale to their advertising mix. Calculating unique reach efficiency can help measure the frequency of ads displayed and compare rates at which publishers convert impressions.

Benchmarking delivered impressions as a baseline can further help calculate duplication rates and provide insights on the right inventory combination. The author contends marketers must set clear objectives and track KPIs to enhance CTV advertisements.

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