Marketers can host a group or forum to build a community around their business

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November 04, 2020, 2:12 PM GMT+0

Offering consumers a feeling of community can help exponentially increase sales and improve customer retention rate.

Businesses can host a Facebook group or organise a forum on their website to create a community where their clients or customers can connect and help each other. Building a community can not only help marketers strengthen customer relationships but also connect with like-minded people, who can be returning customers or prospects.

Companies can appoint a community manager who will pose discussion questions and initiate conversations. Community managers should also encourage their members to share how they use the brand’s products or service, progress, tips and advice.

Creating a centralised hub of education, like a blog, can help businesses reach prospects beyond their followers’ list. This resource can further strengthen the community bond while also allowing customers to make informed purchase decisions.

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