Creating emotionally intelligent messaging amid crises can help companies improve their CX

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November 02, 2020, 11:05 AM UTC

Improving CXs by just a single point can help brands see more than $1 billion in added revenue, as per a Forrester report.

This article highlights marketing practices that could help brands improve their customer experience (CX) efforts and engage their consumers. Companies must avoid sounding “business-as-usual” during crises, understand consumers’ needs, appreciate their support and communicate emphatically to set the right tone.

For brands to deliver compelling consumer experience (CX), they must mix sound, sight and motion to create emotionally intelligent messages. For example, healthcare company Kaiser Permanente used video-powered experiences (VX) to communicate with empathetic messaging in the pandemic.

Incorporating an emotional factor in messaging can help retain consumers, withstand relationships, and turn them into brand advocates. The author contends companies must disintegrate key issues into digestible and interactive VX topics to decrease friction and build loyalty.

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