Publishers must create a “single customer view” within their data systems

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October 30, 2020, 12:44 PM UTC

Before deploying any specific data strategy, businesses should break down their organisational silos.

Creating a “single customer view” across departments can help brands base their audience relationships on trust. It would also help media owners seamlessly guide each user from anonymity to an active and addressable user. To build such a cohesive audience strategy, media owners should first ensure the cooperation of each department.

Media owners need to change their view of the audience and alter their entire internal structure. They should let go of their misconception that the ad slot is the product. Media owners should understand that their audiences are their customers and the media itself is the product.

Brands should appoint a single person to lead both the advertising and marketing teams. The person must understand digital media and inspire teams to build best practices for audience engagement and monetisation channels.

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