Identify necessary keywords a business doesn’t rank for to optimise for voice search

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October 30, 2020, 6:48 AM UTC

Improve page load speeds to optimise webpages for voice search.

This article suggests how businesses can optimise for voice search. Microsoft data shares that 44% of people use voice search to research products and services, 47% use it to search for businesses and 68% search for quick facts.

Start optimising for voice search by creating a Google My Business page for the brand because Google would typically pick up information from here to answer queries. If a business already ranks high for popular questions, the content answering those questions could be optimised.

Brands must research keywords that their competitors are ranking for but you aren’t. These questions can then be answered on site pages that seem most relevant. The answers must be short and read well for it to lend itself well to text-to-speech technologies.   

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