Creating data-based content can help increase the chances of getting quality backlinks

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October 30, 2020, 2:04 PM UTC

Link-building activities, especially visual content creation, require a lot of time and heavy monetary investment.

Businesses should consider link-building activity as an ongoing activity rather than a one-time campaign. Marketers should avoid creating content tied to any specific dates or events as once the date or event passes; the content becomes irrelevant.

Marketers should look for databases and find data points relevant to their niche, content and target audience. Using data-points in content pieces can improve the brand’s chances of getting quality backlinks from high-authority domains. For instance, businesses can use location-specific content to reach out to local publications for link building activities.

As a part of the ongoing process, businesses should aim to create a bank of link-worthy content. Experimenting with content formats can further help marketers identify the format that works best for their audiences and marketing objectives.

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