Businesses should share original videos on social platforms to tactfully grow business with YouTube

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October 30, 2020, 2:09 PM UTC

YouTube delivers long-term, consistent and evergreen traffic to a business, according to a YouTube marketing expert Sunny Lenarduzzi.

Instead of sharing the YouTube video link on Facebook, businesses should create 30-60 seconds teasers to upload on their brand’s Facebook page. Sharing a YouTube link on Facebook will reduce the post’s reach as Facebook discourages users from leaving their platform.

Marketers can then provide the YouTube link in the first comment of the post. Similarly, they can create interesting graphic content to upload on Instagram Story. They can use the swipe up feature to direct audiences to the YouTube video.

Using customer testimonials in videos can help marketers establish their credibility. Marketers should also provide value to keep viewers invested in their videos. Adding clear CTAs can further boost engagement and conversions.    

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