Topic clusters can help marketers improve SEO efforts and address consumer needs

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October 28, 2020, 5:44 PM UTC

Businesses can improve search rankings as well as gain customer trust and loyalty by creating content that helps solve audience problems.

With almost three-fourths of customers expecting companies to understand their needs and expectations, brands should create consumer-centric content to earn customer trust. Conducting surveys, keyword research and checking specialist forums along with monitoring social mentions can help companies understand customer pain point within their niche.

These insights should be used while creating branded content and deciding which content format suits their purpose and target audience. They can create informative, long-form blog posts, explainer videos and infographic posts. Marketers can then create pillar posts and topic clusters and map them with customer pain points.

Creating topic clusters can help marketers effectively address customer needs across the sales funnel. But, marketers should also segment audiences to personalise content and make each content piece relatable.

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