Marketers need to divest from platforms that enable widespread social engineering and misinformation

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October 28, 2020, 3:54 PM UTC

With coronavirus cases rising over 50,000 per day in the US, scientists are calling viral misinformation on Facebook as “the biggest pandemic risk.”

Businesses should shift focus to privacy-centric platforms that promote ethical use of artificial intelligence. Marketers should diversify investments away from platforms like Google and Facebook, which enable widespread social engineering, misinformation and political propaganda.

Marketers should invest in new formats like connected TV to drive improved ROI. Adtech, Martech and data companies should actively guide advertisers to direct their advertising spends in a way that drive higher ROAS than social media.

Data companies should play an active role in promoting first-party data and contextual intelligence that protects consumer privacy. Similarly, publishers should also utilise ethical practices of ML and AI to provide transparent, brand-safe and brand suitable ad inventory.

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