Creating YouTube videos to address how-to queries can help marketers improve Google search rankings

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October 28, 2020, 3:59 PM UTC

Optimising YouTube videos for Google search results can improve the brand’s reach exponentially.

Businesses should conduct keyword research to identify relevant, highly searched topic for their YouTube videos. While choosing topics, marketers should keep in mind that certain queries, particularly how-to queries, have the potential to rank high on Google search results. They should also find out topics that users would prefer to consume via video rather than text.

Researching similar videos can help content creators find out how the competition keeps the audiences invested till the end of the video. To improve Google search rankings, businesses should focus on video titles, meta tags, descriptions, thumbnails and captions.

Adding timestamps to the YouTube content can further help optimise videos for Google’s “key moments”. Marketers should regularly measure the impact of Google SERPs as a traffic source to analyse their performance.

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