Invest in content marketing, update ecommerce website to optimise online store

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October 27, 2020, 9:34 AM GMT+0

Improve site speed by limiting redirects and simplifying the site’s code.

This piece shares how brands can optimise their online stores. Marketers can watch out for indicators like plateauing site traffic, rise in cart abandonment, dipping customer retention rate to know it’s time to optimise the online store.

The article recommends updating the homepage design to modernise it and to simplify navigation. To learn more about customers, conduct customer surveys, ask post-purchase questions, monitor social media mentions and more.

Product details must be updated with a professional copywriter brought in to write effective product description copies. Product pictures being used should be clear, bright and professional. Brands could invest in content marketing to attract new site visitors, boost SEO rankings, build consumer trust and more.

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