PR professionals need to be ready for more potential crises

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October 26, 2020, 5:51 AM GMT+0

Being prepared can help stave off both stress and financial distress.

A combination of the pandemic, along with a super-charged political environment and frayed nerves, has made organisations susceptible to crises like never before.  Communicators need to review their existing plans and make sure that they are prepared to deal with any possible escalation.

As the psychological and financial pressures of the crises increase, employees are incredibly vulnerable. Communicators need to involve HR with crisis planning to make sure that they can address any issues stemming from employee dissatisfaction.  

PR professionals also need to mindful about other potential threats, including terrorist threats, sabotage or even sudden management changes.  Members of the crisis management team should go through quick refresher training, so they are better prepared to deal with such crises.

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