Brands should leverage Amazon to get into their consumer's shopping lists

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October 26, 2020, 8:11 AM UTC

With an unpredictable Christmas on cards, companies need to up their game to garner customer trust.

Amazon's ability to extract consumer data and provide insights into online consumer behaviour makes it a valuable resource for companies looking to cater to the consumer over the holiday season. Understanding consumer search trends can help brands optimise product content for organic search on Amazon, own website and other eCommerce platforms.

Retailers should develop their paid strategies based on Amazon search trends. Instead of vying for competitive terms like "Christmas shopping", they can sponsor specific search terms which are based around customised product ads.

Brands should also ensure that the products that they advertise are always in stock. Prioritising Amazon as a sales channel and ensuring that products do not appear "out of stock" can help brands solidify their position.

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