Brands could join appropriate subreddits to find easy-to-convert users

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October 26, 2020, 1:29 AM UTC

Reddit’s Ask Me Anything feature can help companies interact with users directly.

This article suggests how businesses can use Reddit for lead generation. Through Reddit, brands can reach 430 million active users each month. The platform sees over 46.7 million daily searches, 2.8 million comments daily and 58 million votes daily.

Brands must be conscious of building a profile that “feels like a real person” before moving on to create a community. To be “natural” on Reddit, make insightful comments on other posts and submit to a range of sites that link to great content.

Businesses must find an appropriate subreddit to join to find users that can be converted easily. Creating a multireddit or a custom list of subreddits makes it easy for marketers to structure their activity on the platform and make it easy to track and find conversations.

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