AI and humans need to work in tandem for effective content moderation

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October 26, 2020, 12:37 PM UTC

The inherent limitations of AI mean that there is still a lot of stuff that can escape it notice.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more ubiquitous and is being increasingly deployed in content moderation. Real artificial intelligence –whether it is machine learning or deep learning – dependent on data and can miss out on subtleties.

For instance, a recent trend of TikTok, which used the innocuous phrase “I had pasta tonight,” was actually code-word to signal a suicidal call for help. The platform was unable to detect the trend in time because of an absence of historical data to train its AI model.

There is a need to balance the increasingly machine-run world with a human touch, especially when its use case involves ethical issues. Tech platforms need to ensure that they get both the AI and human elements to support each other.

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