Focus on constants and not trends while creating evergreen video advertising content

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October 23, 2020, 2:02 AM GMT+0

Frequently asked questions are a great source of content for evergreen videos.

This article shares pointers on creating evergreen video ad content. Businesses must focus on combining education and advertising content depending on the industry or niche they’re in.

Video ad content should help address customer pain points in a manner that helps them do better independent of global pandemic, political cycles and economic conditions. How-to or best practice videos’ relevance is tied to that of the product’s or service’s making them more likely to endure as evergreen content.

Brands could do well to adopt a “timeless visual style” with a focus on constants rather than trends. Videos speaking about a product’s uses, features and benefits find relevance during product launches, when brand awareness lifts and when customers wish to refer back to the content for product instructions.

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