Drop heavy title tags and tackle keyword cannibalisation to improve organic click-through rates

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October 23, 2020, 6:33 AM UTC

As per a HubSpot data point quoted in the article, using brackets in headlines can boost clicks by 40%.

This article suggests how marketers can improve their organic click-through rates (CTR). The first step could be to identify queries that are bringing the site’s average CTR down and work towards improving it.

To funnel CTR towards one page instead of a haphazard distribution, marketers must identify whether keyword cannibalisation is occurring. Depending on the discovery, keywords may need to be either consolidated or differentiated.

The article recommends avoiding heavy title tags as they may not attract enough traffic. Additionally, businesses must test the headlines of their PPC ads, Facebook posts and other social media ads and alter those that aren’t as effective.  

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