Using self-liquidating offers in Facebook ads can help upsell products and improve conversions

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October 21, 2020, 12:26 PM GMT+0

Self-liquidating offer (SLO) is a low-cost, entry-level opportunity that a brand offers to prompt one or more substantial purchase to be made, after the initial.

Stock image bundles, Instagram Story prompts and visual content templates are some of the popular examples of SLO. Before creating SLO campaigns, brands should understand the elements of SLO promotion as each of them have a different objective and fulfils different consumer needs.

Understanding consumer pain points can help marketers design accurate Facebook ads carrying the suitable SLO. Marketers should also ensure that their SLO provides additional value. They should highlight immediate access to resources in their Facebook ads to attract user attention.

SLOs should also have a long shelf-life and future use value. Setting a low price point can help brands make a purchase decision. Be flexible to changes to scale campaigns.

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