A disconnect between marketing and sales teams could stop PPC leads from converting

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October 21, 2020, 1:13 AM GMT+0

This piece highlights five major reasons that could prevent PPC leads from converting.

Lack of transparent and effective communication between sales and marketing departments can be a major reason why PPC leads don’t convert. Both teams should interact with each other and find out the duration of actual sales cycles.

For instance, if the assumed cycle is 30 days while the actual cycle is 90 days, fetching data at the end of 30 days would yield inaccurate results. Alignment of sales and marketing teams can also help identify patterns coming up in unqualified leads.

Marketers should analyse their keywords depending on a brand’s niche, user search intent and target audience to understand causes hampering conversion.  They can further consider shifting their keyword strategy to low-volume, high intent searches to drive more high-quality leads.

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