Upfront planning and a concise script can help brands create compelling video ads in low budget

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October 20, 2020, 5:25 PM UTC

Video ads are crucial for businesses as globally more than half of the consumers cite video as their most desired form of branded content.

Marketers should conduct consumer surveys and analyse competitors’ content to understand what problem matters most to their target audience. These insights should be used while writing scripts for video ads. Brands should make sure their product videos highlight one issue that their products or services solve.

A well-thought and concise script can help marketers efficiently manage time and budget. They can cut expenses by selecting one location for the entire shoot. Instead of renting professional cameras, brands can use high-quality mobile cameras and “three-point lighting”.

But, companies should ensure their videos have high-quality audio and subtitles to keep viewers invested. They should further test campaigns on paid social channels before launching it officially.

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