Focusing on creatives and context can help marketers create effective yet privacy-compliant campaign

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October 20, 2020, 2:45 PM UTC

Creatives act as a powerful driver of performance, according to a Comscore study.

Instead of replicating existing data or building a walled garden, brands should use technology to understand audience segments and improve creative assets provided to the buying platforms. With third-party cookies phasing out, businesses should focus more on creative aspects of a campaign than on identifiable data.

Companies should leverage machine-learning models like computer vision to identify objects and colours, which resonate with specific audience segments. Using natural language processing can further help marketers understand the sentiment behind each ad copy and use the most appropriate phrases and tones.

These insights can be used to assess the quality of a brand’s creative aesthetics. Marketers can then analyse how a creative would perform and ensure that it is aligned with the publisher’s best practices and brand guidelines.

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